Jesgur Group provides organizations and individuals with assessments, coaching, and leadership development seminars that maximize business performance. We specialize in using quantitative and qualitative assessments to examine leadership skills, emotional fitness, and business skills. Specifically, we use scales that measure personality, emotional intelligence, values, cognitive ability, and motivation. We also gather observational data through structured interviews, case studies, and business simulations.

Jesgur consultants are highly talented, with years of research and lecturing experience. They hold PhDs and have experience with providing services to international companies, including Fortune 500. They have published research papers in high-impact journals and they bring with them the latest scientific research methods and applied aspects for business organizations.


Building employees’ psychological fitness is central to developing high performance in the workplace. Managerial practices often produce diverse and unanticipated outcomes for employee well-being. We provide individual coaching to identify and deal with the areas that are blocking an individual’s potential in the workplace.

Leadership Development

We conduct leadership development seminars on various topics. Some of these workshops can be tailored as either full day or half day, based on staff development requirements. Some of the workshops include:

  • Happiness and Well-being
  • Attitudes and Job Satisfaction
  • Personality at Work
  • Spiritual Intelligence (SI)
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Managing a Diverse Workplace
  • The Psychology of Decision Making
  • Wellbeing and Innovation
  • Ethical Intelligence
  • Stress Management
  • Risk Management.